Whales, ( although it’s hard to believe), do poos. A whale has only one predator ( apart from bacteria,viruses,etc) and that is humans.

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Baleen is used as a filter. This is how it works. The whale swallows water and krill, then it pushes out the water with the krill. The baleen catches the krill, but lets through the water. These are all the whales that I can think of:

southern right, humpback, blue, and narwhal. Did you know that albino whales exist? albino whales usually don’t have as good eyesight as the normal ones.

My favorite type of whale is a blue whale. What’s yours?

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  1. Mira, did you know that some sperm whale poo is used to make perfume??! It’s called “ambergris”. It’s very valuable, so if you find a lump of sperm whale poo on the beach, pick it up!

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