All About Pollution, Global warming, and Logging. (Other stuff too)

1: Pollution

Pollution is NOT good. Animals are dying out because of it.

Pollution is where people throw their rubbish/dangerous chemicals /etc into the bush or any other places, instead of keeping them safe.

People are throwing plastic bags into the ocean, and turtles eat the plastic bags, thinking that there’re jellyfish, and plastic bags can make turtles very sick. It’s bad for land animals too.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle 18 - Blackbird Caye - Belize 2016Creative Commons License Adam via Compfight

Pollution is a big danger to humans. Imagine if other animals were putting poison in our food. That’s what it must be like for them. Pollution also causes a bit of global warming. It makes a horrible smell.



2: Global Warming

A lot of things cause global warming. This includes driving cars and other vehicles.

Audi S4 B5Creative Commons License Brandon Bailey via Compfight

Killing animals for food is another big cause. A lot about greenhouse gases (which have nothing to do with greenhouses) are also causing global warming.

The main problem about driving cars is the petrol releases greenhouse gases. This is why stopping global warming is important: It will eventually melt the ice caps, and kill most animals (including humans) that are used to a different climate.



Logging is bad because it includes rapidly destroying other animal’s habitat. This is why a lot of animals are extinct. (Not thylacines, on the mainland they were killed by dingos, who took all of their prey. Tassie devils died out in the mainland the same way.)

Mount Isa, Riversleigh Fossil Centre, ancienne faune australienne pencroff via Compfight

4:How These Things Relate to Each Other

Here is a video about what I’ve been talking about:


This is the way that pollution, global warming and logging relate to each other: Logging means more houses, which means more cars, and cars make pollution. Pollution makes global warming.





3 thoughts on “All About Pollution, Global warming, and Logging. (Other stuff too)

  1. Mira, you continue to amaze me! This is an impressive post. I particularly love the connection that you have made with the John Lennon song. You must be very proud of your work! 🙂

  2. Hi Mira,
    I think we should try and stop all things and more like littering!

    We CAN make a difference!
    Keep up the good posts!


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