Chapter 10. The Endless Sea

Chapter Ten

The Endless Sea

April 8th

Me, Lil and Honeybee are trapped in a gigantic storm. Yesterday, we were separated from the others by a huge wave. We tried to swim towards them, but it turned out to be the opposite direction. While they rode the gentle waves into calm waters, we swam right into the biggest storm I have ever seen. The waves are like huge grey-blue mountains, some towering so high that I can hardly see the top of them. A bolt of white hot lightning flashes down from the dark sky, answered almost immediately with the deep, growling rumble of thunder. Huge hailstones rain down on my unprotected back. A giant wave pulls me under, and I bob back to the surface, gasping for air, only to be dragged back into the depths by yet another monster wave. Something nudges my foot, and I open my mouth to yell, filling my gasping lungs with water. The urge for oxygen is taking over. I try to struggle back to the surface, but fail. My burning lungs plead for air. I’m about to drown. Just as the darkness is about to close in on me, a strange thought comes into my head. If I die now, Bloodfur won’t be able to get revenge! (Of course, she probably won’t be able to get revenge anyway. Last I saw her, she was first course for a shark’s dinner.) I sink down with a sigh. Everything goes black.

The first thing I hear when I wake up is Honeybee.

Stanley! You really scared us! We thought you were dead-”

Until you spewed up all of that water directly onto the top of my head-”

Lil! You can’t blame Stanley for that! He was unconscious!”

Anyway, he still needs care. And air.”

True.” I listen to this conversation, still to weak to join in.

Stanley, how are you?” Asks Honeybee. All I manage is a feeble cough.

There there, Stanley. Go to sleep.”

When I wake up again, I have just enough strength to soak in my surroundings. We are still in the middle of the ocean, but we seem to have stopped on a huge sandbank, which has a tiny, tree covered island barely big enough to accommodate me, Lil and Honeybee in the middle. Lil gently passes me a hot cup of lemon ginger tea.

Drink this. It will help you feel better.” I obey, soaking the warmth into my shivering body. Then I close my eyes, and fall yet again into a deep, long healing sleep.

When I wake next, I feel like myself again. I shake my sore muscles, and dive into the water around the sandbank to cool off. Only then do I realise that the sun has only just appeared above the horizon. Lil stumbles sleepily onto the tiny beach.

I see you’re up and well then. We will get going tomorrow.”

We spend the rest of the day packing for our journey. Lil and Honeybee try to chop up some trees to make a raft, but all they manage to get is a small log, barely big enough for me to sit on. I pack two bags full of lemons, three bags of fresh herbs, two bags of ginger, a bag of cinnamon bark, and three bags of water. We stuff them into a hollow log, (Well, not really a log. It’s more like a stick.) then, since all of our packing is done, we decide to play around the sandbank. Lil thinks she saw a shark, but I think it was just a big fish. Finally, at sunset, we stumble back to our makeshift beds, and collapse into them, ready for a good, long sleep.

The next morning, I get up early. Lil and Honeybee are still asleep, so I decide to pour handfuls of freezing sea water over them to rouse them. Lil stretches her legs.

Okay, okay. We’re getting up.” I pour some more water over her. Honeybee opens her eyes, then leaps up.

Stanley! Lil! Let’s get going!”

Alright.” Says Lil. “Where’s the log?”

I’ll get it!” I say. I race over to the corner of the island, grab the log, and drag it back to Lil and Honeybee.

Great!” Says Honeybee. “Let’s get going!” We dump the log in the water, hold onto it with our front paws, and paddle like mad with our back ones. Soon, we are out of the sandbank. We paddle into open sea for breakfast, which is a third of a lemon each, and a few handfuls of sea lettuce. Lil licks the salt from her paws, then steals the rest of my sea lettuce.

Yum! Food tastes absolutely AMAZING when you’re starving!”

You’re not paying attention! While you were talking about food, I spotted something that looks like land on the horizon!” Says Honeybee.

Land! Really!?” Lil stares at Honeybee.

Go see for yourself!” Lil looks towards the horizon, and there actually is a dark smudge that looks like land!

Paddle, everyone! Paddle, paddle, paddle!” I shout. Lil, Honeybee and I are now paddling like mad beasts towards the smudge on the horizon. After a couple of hours, our legs start to tire, and Lil announces that it is officially lunchtime. I reach into the herbs bag, and make a small salad with lemon dressing. It is just big enough for each of us to have a small serving. Lil thoughtfully sprinkles shreds of sea lettuce over her salad. When she catches me staring in disgust at the stuff, she tells me that just because I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t. Later, she sprinkles large amounts of sea lettuce on my leftovers, and when I say that I don’t want it, she scoffs the remains. Honeybee tries to talk over a huge mouthful of salad.

Dish shalad ish dewishosh! Anyun ‘ave ‘eftoversh?”

No.” Says Lil. “And even if I did, I wouldn’t give ‘em to ya, ya greedy overstuffed eating machine!”

Gweedy? Overshtuffed? I’sh cawl you de gweedy, overshtuffed ‘un ‘ere!”

Yeah, but you’re still the eating machine!” We paddle onwards.

The next morning, we reach the smudge. It’s not land. In fact, it’s actually a patch of driftwood, fishing nets, planks, old boxes…just the general flotsam that floats around, left over from a flood. Then Honeybee spots a battered old freezer. Lil leaps over, tearing it open. I walk over, using a few planks as stepping stones. The freezer is full of food! There are slices of cheese, bags of apples, tubs of yoghurt, bottles of milk…seemingly endless food! We disassemble a fishing net, and attach the pieces together, until we have a sort of long rope. Honeybee ties one end to the freezer, and the other to our log.

Yes! Now we’re done, let’s keep on looking for the others!” Shouts Lil. At that moment, we hear a noise from the other side of the patch.

Hey! Something over there’s moving!”

Let’s paddle towards it!” I almost shout with joy. It’s the others! We start paddling towards the spot where I heard the shouts, and finally, they come into view. The vessel that our friends have created is similar to ours in many ways, but a bit different. It has the same log base, but it also has a log at the back attached to the one at the front on both sides with a long rope made out of fishing net. Not bothering about the water, me and Lil half swim, half run towards them.

Wilfred! It’s so good to see you again!!!”

Oh Stanley! I missed you so much! When we saw that storm on the horizon, we thought you were dead!”

Clary! I was so, so worried! How were you?”

Me and Wally played a lot of hide and go seek!”

Oh you little brat!” Lil and Clary embrace each other. I look back at Honeybee, who seems to be muttering about overexcited rats.

Well, let’s get going!” Says Mrs Wombat. At that moment, we hear voices around the corner of a huge box.

Who goes there?!”

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