Chapter 12. Our Island

Chapter Twelve

Our Island

April 28th

As the sun slowly creeps over the horizon, I see the island. It is round, but it is bordered with huge red and gold cliffs. They are covered in small grass covered ledges. At the base of these cliffs, there is fine golden sand. A waterfall flows off the cliffs, and runs along a bed of smooth golden pebbles until it gets to the sea. Low tide reveals more golden sand, and a trail of smooth red and gold stepping stones, which lead out to a larger rock, which I think must show at high tide as well. Then I turn to look at the top of the island. In the very centre, there is a tall tower made out of precariously balancing red and gold boulders. It is surrounded by more fine, golden sand. The top of the island is covered in dense forest. This, I decide will be our new home.

I wake up everyone else, and we get ready for a long day.

It reminds me of when Daddy renovated!” Says Gryffon. Then we all start to climb the cliffs.

On the way, I raid several seagull nests, for me, Lil, Clary, Wilfred and Honeybee. The eggs are hard to get. Wilfred shouts at the seagulls to get them off the ledges, then I quickly dive in to get the eggs. Once, the neighbouring seagull (who already has chicks) catches me at, and decides that I would be a good breakfast for her newly hatched chicks. She grabs me in her claws, about to tear me into pieces, when the other seagull returns, and crashes straight into her. She lets me go, and tries to find more prey for her chicks to eat.

When we get to the top, the first thing that has to happen is finding a home. We travel all over the huge, round island, and finally, we find a large cave in the base of the balancing tower in the middle of the island. It has small branches, and enough rooms that we can each have one bedroom. It also has a storage room, a kitchen, a dining room and the room that we spend most of our time inside in, the room with all Wilfred’s comfy cushions, all of my leftover blankets and mattresses, a few home made squishy armchairs, some beanbags, a rug… Just anything that can make our house comfy and warm. We install lights, to brighten it up a bit, and add paintings and pictures on the walls. We frequently travel to the floating tip, and collect everything that we think will be useful.

I help Autumnbird make a fleet of rafts, all of them just like Wavebreaker. We name one Sea Eagle, one Sprayglider, one Albatross, and one Bluewave. Albatross and Wavebreaker are built for long sea journeys, while Bluewave, Sea Eagle and Sprayglider specialise in short trips, like to the floating tip and back.

I decide to be part of the boat crew, (which consists of me, Lil, Honeybee, Springleaf, Sunflash and Wilfred,) who travel once a month to the closest Human populated land. (Which is about four nights away.) There, we steal food from stores, and load it all onto Albatross until there’s no more room in the cargo shelves. Then we sail back, with supplies of food that will last us at least another month.

After more exploration of the island, we discover that the stream actually flows in a loop around the island, then joins together, and flows off.

There is plenty of food for all of us, including the vegetarians. We scavenge food from the floating tip, but the best stuff comes from the island itself. The trees grow macadamia, mangos and coconuts. I love all of it. I use the coconut shells as decoration in my room, and I have collected a secret stash of mangos. I eat them whenever I feel hungry. We are very happy, and I feel that the interesting part of our story is over at last.

The End! (Finally.)

I hope you liked my story!

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  1. Oh Mira! I LOVE the sound of this island – you have described it so beautifully! A serene end to a dynamic story! Bravo! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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