Do you like music?

This is the chicken song.

How did you like that? Now here’s another song.

How about that? Now you going to hear this song:


So next one of the last ones

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

Do you like unicorns?

Next song beep beep i’m a sheep:

That’s all. Bye.


You know that humans are important, well animals are too. Animals can be wild or they can be friendly – so they are a pet. And they can eat and drink so its just like us but they just look different but that’s fine right?  Animals have to keep healthy just like us but some times animals die and that’s just like us. Some animals can be dangerous but that’s just life as they need to eat and protect themselves – just like us.  Now compare this two photos

Three Lions on a RockThose Puppy Dog Eyes                             

Which one photo do you like more?


Hi. It’s so sad how these poor poor creatures had to die and that creature is called a Thylacine. They were also called the Tasmanian Tiger. The farmers killed it because they thought it was the thylacines killing their sheep, but it was really the dogs that ate the sheep. This is so sad. How would you feel if you were blamed when it was not you? So I heard my friend Ada’s grandfather (Ron Brooks) made a book about the Thylacine. And that book is called Dream of the Thylacine. He did the illustrations for the book that Margaret Wild wrote. You should read it, it is a fabulous book! The thylacine is now extinct. You can read more about the thylacine on a blog we made in class. This is a video about the book:


My Dog Peggy

Peggy is my pet dog and she is really cute, very fluffy, loves cuddles, is small and sporty and please comment if you have a pet dog or just any pet you have. My Peggy is going to be my best friend and the best pet ever because she is going to be my pet for 13 to 14 years. That’s great for me and she is not even one right now. Crazy right? Peggy loves chewing stuff.
That’s all about Peggy. Bye, and if you have some more ideas comment now please.

the koala sanctuary by olive

This is one of the beautiful Koalas I saw in the Phillip Island Koala Sanctuary . The whole area is the home to many Koalas in their natural habitat. We were lucky enough to see around 12 of them resting in their beloved gum trees, munching on juicy gum leaves. This was my favourite part of my school holiday break . I’ll post more about my holiday adventures …..stay tuned !






Emotions by Olive

Hi, its Olive here and I am telling you about your emotions and feelings so lets get started.

What do you feel every day? Well, if you’re feeling sad, try and remember happy things that you have done or what you are going to do that will be fun, then you can start to feel happy. If you’re still feeling sad, find someone you know that can help to make you feel happy like your family or a friend. It’s up to you to help change your feelings. You can do it! Now, are you starting to feel happy? Good!  Comment after reading this and tell me if it helped you or not and tell me what makes you feel happy.

That’s all from me and comment tell me what emoji you like?


Hi I am Olive, and I am telling you about me!                                                                 I have lots of friends and they might have a blog too so please check their blogs too. If you’re wondering how old I am, I am 9 and now I will tell you all my friends – Georgina, Ida, Ada, Kitty, Rosie and Stella.

Now my family: Roman my brother, my mum, my dad, that’s all of my friends and family. My pets – dog, 2 cats, fish.

My favorite animals, DOGS!

I love dogs as you can see. I only got my puppy this year. Peggy she is only 7 months old. She is so cute. I love dogs because they fun and playful.  You can rub their belly and the best thing is you can train them and take them for a walk.

Finn - 17 Wochen

Soul_Sammy via Compfight

Readers: do you like dog or cats why?