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Hi I am Olive, and I am telling you about me!                                                                 I have lots of friends and they might have a blog too so please check their blogs too. If you’re wondering how old I am, I am 9 and now I will tell you all my friends – Georgina, Ida, Ada, Kitty, Rosie and Stella.

Now my family: Roman my brother, my mum, my dad, that’s all of my friends and family. My pets – dog, 2 cats, fish.

My favorite animals, DOGS!

I love dogs as you can see. I only got my puppy this year. Peggy she is only 7 months old. She is so cute. I love dogs because they fun and playful.  You can rub their belly and the best thing is you can train them and take them for a walk.

Finn - 17 Wochen

Soul_Sammy via Compfight

Readers: do you like dog or cats why?