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Do you like music?

This is the chicken song.

How did you like that? Now here’s another song.

How about that? Now you going to hear this song:


So next one of the last ones

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

Do you like unicorns?

Next song beep beep i’m a sheep:

That’s all. Bye.


You know that humans are important, well animals are too. Animals can be wild or they can be friendly – so they are a pet. And they can eat and drink so its just like us but they just look different but that’s fine right?  Animals have to keep healthy just like us but some times animals die and that’s just like us. Some animals can be dangerous but that’s just life as they need to eat and protect themselves – just like us.  Now compare this two photos

Three Lions on a RockThose Puppy Dog Eyes                             

Which one photo do you like more?