Hey everyone it’s Oscar. Here in my new blog. But there is more. This isn’t just a post about my new blog, it is that and MONKEYS! Monkeys are around the second smartest animal alive, because they evolved into humans. They also have amazing brains. Have you seen them in zoos climbing like total freaks? Monkeys at the park in Launceston are amazing at climbing! One time I went there and a tiny one climbed up some thing basically vertical! I’ve always thought having a monkey would be awesome but some people disagree. Hope you like the video bye!

Messi. My Favourite Soccer Player

Messi is my fave soccer player ever. Some people say Ronaldo is the best dribbler in the world but really it is Messi. I think Messi is so amazing he has scored more goals than Ronaldo. I can’t forget about his accuracy; it is top class -really Messi has better shot than Ronaldo.

Messi fun facts

#1 messi has five ballon’or’dors

#2 messi scored his 100th and won the laliga

#3 messi has banged in 507 goals

Bye FútbolCreative Commons License Ian D. Keating via Compfight