Penguins at Boulder Beach Erin Johnson via Compfight

What I think the world needs is penguins. They are super cute and super fluffy. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like penguins (mostly it’s because I think I’m a walking argument saying “like penguins this instant!” 🙂 ) penguins are the BEST! Read on to find out more about them.

Firstly penguins come in all different sizes, from small fairy penguins, roughly the size of your lower leg to tall emperier penguins, about the size of a five year old. they live all over the world and are one of the only birds that can’t fly but can swim.

Penguins eat fish so if they can’t fly then they have to swim don’t they? They eat fish, (like I said) shrimp and krill. They are the best swimmers I know. Did you know that penguins are really clumsy on land but are very graceful in the water?

When penguins are in the water they are more threatened by predators than on land, but there are a few birds that would like to eat an egg or two. Their predators include sea lions, leopard seals and a bird that I’ve forgotten the name of it but it’s the one that eats eggs.

I think penguins are the best animal in the world because they come in all different sizes, are cute and fluffy and are great swimmers.

4 thoughts on “Penguins

  1. Hi Rosie,

    I really love this post, I think it’s because I love penguins and you’re a FANTASTIC writer. Are you going to make anymore post/s soon?, because if you are I want to be one of the firsts to see it.
    yours truly
    Greta (:

    1. Hi Greta!
      thanks for commenting on my blog.
      there will be some posts on my blog soon. the bell is going now so i’ll be going to class.

  2. I love penguins too. I like the way you used a lot of facts in your post about penguins,
    I think you should maybe search up what kind off predator that eats eggs
    from kitty

    1. thank you for the comment kitty!
      I think I should search the bird that eats penguin eggs.

      when Mrs. Moor puts my dolphin post on my blog can you read it please?

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