All About Mapping

Hi everyone! Today my topic is about mapping. Can you answer all these questions from this map?

  1. Can you tell me where the two schools are?
  2. Can you tell me where the two train stations are?
  3. Where are the car parks?
  4. Where’s the hospital?
  5. Where are the parks?
  6. Where are the shops?
  7. Where are the houses?
  8. Where are the churches?
  9. Where are the squares of the forest?
  10. And finally where are the lakes?

I hope you enjoy my challenge, just remember, that if you know the answer just comment. I hope you enjoyed my post, by for now!


4 thoughts on “All About Mapping

  1. G’day Bruno,
    What a great start to your blog! I hope you don’t mind I took out all the extra lines you had in this post.

    TO answer a question: are the schools at 0402 and 0606

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