All About Me ( Bruno )

Hi my name is Bruno, I am eight years old and I am in grade two. I go to a school in Hobart and I was born in England and I moved to Hobart when I was two. My favourite animal is a tiger cub. I love sports and my favourite subject in school is science and writing. I like the other subjects too, like history and other stuff like that. I love discovering and learning new things. I don’t really have a favourite food, but I wonder if you do? My brother and my sister are called Kitty and Vinnie. I have one last question. Do you have a blog? If you do, can you let me know your blog URL because then I might be able to comment. I hope you liked this post. I’ll see you on the next one!

2 thoughts on “All About Me ( Bruno )

  1. My favorite animal is a tiger also!!! That’s awesome!! I’m from America and have been to England multiple times. Specifically London. I always liked Big Ben. What’s your favorite place in England. By the way can you visit my blog at .

  2. Hey Bruno, I am hmstayne. I really love your post and your blog. I like sports too, but the best one for me is volleyball. If you could come and visit my blog that would be nice. Her it is



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