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  1. Hi, Greta
    Hi my worry is a silly worry but here it goes… i have this friend shes realy funny and popular but I feel life I am in her shadow what do I do?

    • Hello, I do not think your worry is silly at all.
      I know how it feel so be treated like this. Sorry I know it is not nice, in fact it is awful. I think you should ignore them if this doesn’t work contact me again.

    • Greta Blain-Lawry

      Hi again,
      The best advice I can give you is to be true to yourself and find some new friends, those who you can trust.
      I have felt this way and I know that you probably don’t want to hurt her feelings so I think you should just calmly say… “I think we should have a break and play separately”, then if she/you really can not bare it get back together.

      I hope this has helped you, after all the worry website has it’s name for a reason.
      P.S if make new friends you will not need her. And thank you for trusting me.

  2. Hello readers of the Worry Website,
    My name is Greta Blain-Lawry and I am the writer of the Worry Website ( at least one of them) My B.F.F Coco is going to help me out because we came up with the idea together. All you have to do is… type in your worry and I will make sure that you feel better after I write back. That’s all from me so, Bye.

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