presidents around the world

There are lots of people who dream of becoming the prime minister/president but few succeed.Here is a list

Donald trump

Kim John Oohn

Xi Jinping

Validirmir Putin

Angela Merkel

These are some of the main ones or just the ones that were easiest to research. Anyway if you happen to want to become prime minister or president just try and get lots of votes.

CANADA (by James)

Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world, it has massive cities and amazing forests with lots of unique animals. That’s not just why I’m visiting Canada, I’m here to see my relatives. Anyway I’m staying at an apartment at Granville island, with a water park really close to us. There is a water slide, lots of water sprays to run through and a pond nearby with Canada geese, ducks and at least two painted turtles.

Here are some interesting facts about Canada:

It is the 2nd biggest country in the world.

Its money is different from Australian money but has the same queen on it. They call $2 coins toonies, and $1 coins loonies. There are 25 cent pieces (quarters), plus 10 cent pieces (dimes) and 5 cent pieces (nickels).

There are a lot of lakes in Canada.

Vancouver is a big city in British Columbia. It has a lot more skyscrapers than Hobart. There are some nice beaches right in the city. Here are some pictures of me at Kits beach.


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