All About Me (Kitty)

Hi my name is Kitty. I am 8 years old. I am in grade 2. My favourite sport is soccer. I really love animals. My cousins & my grand parents & uncles and aunts live in England so I don’t get to see them often. When I do I am very excited! It takes a long time to get there – 3 days!! This year my mum made an amazing cake for my birthday! It was a pink cat. My friends are Stella. Stella is from Brisbane. Also my other friend is Rosie. She comes from England like me!  Stella and Rosie came to my school last year and we have been friends since then. I have 2 brothers Bruno and Vincent, but he gets called Vinnie. I’m the youngest.

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3 thoughts on “All About Me (Kitty)

  1. G’day Kitty,
    A great start to your blog! You have been careful what personal information you have included. I love visiting England to do family history in the counties of Devon, Kent, Bedfordshire and Yorkshire. Which part of England did you live in?

  2. Dear Kitty,
    That is so cool! I’ve always wanted to have a name like Kitty and now I’ve met someone with the name! And I have never been out pride of my country (the USA) but the first place I want to go is England! Are there any landmarks or anything that I should visit first? My blog is if you have any questions!

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