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G’day everyone, and welcome to Mr Williams’ Wiki.

This wiki has been created so my students – at Albuera Street Primary School in Tasmania, Australia – may have a place to share the answers received from a range of interesting people: locally, nationally and from all around the world.

In class we sometimes come up with a question like: “What would it be like to be a ___ ?”.

We sometimes can only guess and share what we know, and that isn’t always as much as we would like. So, what if we were to contact people who can share what they know, what they do, what they think and they reply with their stories? Then we will have a great resource to share with each other and with anyone else who would like to know more. Here is our collection of interviews on a broad range of interesting topics to us.

In the Navigation bar at the top is our list entitled Our Interviews. These are the people we approached who kindly answered our questions. Please read about their different professionspassions or hobbies that have inspired or intrigued us. In the Visitor Map you’ll be able to see how many people from different countries have paid us a visit this year (Clustr Maps).

Thank you to all my students who bring up the great ideas and a special thank you to those who can answer these questions; broadening the students’ knowledge and deepening their insights.


Mr Williams

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