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    1. G’day Johnathan,
      You might be able to ask Mrs Sturgess to add some links to game sites on your class blog. But a blog is more about you being creative – if you make a game using a website on the internet, you can often copy the embed code and add that to the blog. What sort of games are you interested in?

  1. Hi Miss W,

    It’s Mrs E here from 3/4 Bayside Learners. I’m wondering if you can help me with something.
    We are keen to include a short audio music recording of my class in a post. I’m yet to record it but have a few other little videos on my phone of my family busking. I’ve tried to load one of these videos in to a post but the files are too big. Do you have any tips on how I might do this?
    Mrs E and the Baysiders

    1. G’day Mrs E and the Baysiders,
      The best way to load a video is to upload first to YouTube – perhaps have a class channel – then download it from there. YouTube always compresses videos so it is more likely to be the right size when you download it to your blog. If it is still too big, you can always just put in the link to the video from there.

      If you only want to put an audio recording in use an app like Soundcloud or Audioboom to record it – then you can get the embed code and load it onto your blog.

      Here is an example of Soundcloud where I interviewed my father for family history – http://suewyatt.edublogs.org/2014/12/29/interview-test-run/

      Here is Emma who has been creating audiobooms since she was about 6 years old https://audioboom.com/EmsCanvas

    1. Hi Matt,
      It will depend upon the theme you have chosen as to whether you can change your background or not. If you change it to a picture you can usually tile it so the image is repeated often across and down the page. It will also depend upon the size of your image you want to use. To check if your theme allows it, go to your dashboard> appearance> customise. Hope this helps.

    1. Looking at your blog, your different menus you mean Hot News and Controversial News. Your best way is go to your dashboard> posts> categories Create Hot News and Controversial News as categories. Now whenever you write a post you tick the category on the right side of the writing post area. To have them appear as a menu at the top of the blog, you go to appearance> menus> on the left use categories and drag them across into the menu, save the menu.

      You will need to get rid of the two pages you have created so far titled Hot News and Controversial News. Hope this makes sense Matt.

  2. Hi miss W
    My sidebar suddenly disappeared when i was trying to do my pet, how do i get it back?

  3. Hi Miss W,
    For some reason the widgets on me and my friends blogs that are the custom https type have disappeared!
    For example the pets and a poll I had on there have gone.
    Do you know what has happened?


  4. Hi Miss W,
    That ferret was the only one that stayed for it was in a different type of widget but the custom https ones are still not there!

    Thanks, Claudia

    1. Hi Claudia,
      Checked your blog and because you have changed themes, some of your widgets are now in an inactive area. You just need to drag and drop them back into your active widgets. Go to your dashboard > appearance> widgets and look at the bottom left where you will see a list of the inactive widgets. Click and drag on those you want still.

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