Welcome Year 4

The year is ticking on and it’s time to introduce a new class to blogging in 2017.

This blog will be for set work to be completed by you and for you to comment on others’ posts.

Please make sure you use formal English, are respectful towards your classmate’s work and any feedback you give is constructive and polite. Check the ‘Guidelines’ for more information. If you aren’t sure that your post is appropriate, ‘Ask 3 B4 Me’.

You will be given time in class to access the blog and you are also welcome to read and post on the blog at home too.

Have fun and welcome to the world of blogging.

So, let’s get started by introducing yourself and describing one learning goal you have for yourself this year.

I’ll start. My goal for the rest of 2017, is to try to make sure that I give every student lots of feedback. 🙂

Mrs Rothwell

Inquiry Unit Feedback

It was a long journey for our first attempt but our class has finished their individual / small group inquiry units. There were twelve units linking to STEM and presentations are this week. I’m really looking forward to seeing the fantastic work that’s been completed.

This post is for students to comment on:

* One thing they enjoyed most about choosing and working on their own project.

* One thing they’d like to change for the next time we undertake an inquiry project.

Please remember that feedback needs to be constructive (providing a way forward) and will be taken into consideration for when the next unit commences in two weeks.

Thank you for your feedback and here’s to an even smoother process for our next inquiry project which will be a History topic under Migration in Australia.

Regards, Mrs Rothwell

Function Tablecloths

In class 5/6 we are lucky to have students who are happy to volunteer for tasks in their own time? Recently, Mrs Rothwell asked for help organising some paper tablecloths for a book function being held by the Children’s Book Council.

Here are the tablecloths based on the book covers from Tasmanian author Nan Chauncy.

Thank you to Jazmyn, Abigail, Sophie and Bella.

From Mrs R

IMG_1888 IMG_1888 IMG_1886 IMG_1884  IMG_1887IMG_1883



I Wonder

Hello Class

As a part of our new approach to inquiry learning, please post your ‘I Wonder’ post-it ideas on the blog as well as on the classroom wall.

Once we have had ‘I Wonder’ ideas from everyone, we will look at them and you will come up with a question that will drive your own inquiry unit. We will start this after we finish the Ping Pong Ball Catapult challenge!

My ‘I Wonder’ is “I wonder how birds know how to build a nest”.

Check out the ‘Wonder of the Day’ at the Wonderopolis website. Prepare to be amazed!

Mrs Rothwell

Poetry – Rhythm

Hello Class

Well, we have practised our rhythm when we read our poetry, now we are going to practise our rhyming.

We discussed in class how poems do not always have to rhyme, but for this task I would like you to write two to four lines with a rhyme at the end of each line. You can choose any topic.

* Remember to have rhythm in your poetry (musical beat) – “da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, dum dum” etc.

* You can work in pairs and brainstorm rhyming words or work on your own.

* A dictionary or synonym dictionary may be useful.

Have fun.

Mrs Rothwell




Poetry – Onomatopoeia

Hi Class

When we write poetry, we use language devices to make the poetry interesting. One of those features is onomatopoeia. These are words that sound like what they mean, for example,  hiccup, honk, buzz, beep, roar, cock-a-doodle-doo.

Now your task is to list as many onomatopoeia words as you can think of below and submit it.

Good luck.

Mrs R

Sentence Stretcher

Class 3/4 you have been doing a wonderful job in class practising your Sentence Stretchers.

Now your task is to think of a descriptive and creative way to extend the following opener into an interesting sentence.

The puppy …

You don’t need to write it several times, adding new things each time like we did in class. Just write one sentence.

Remember the following.

1. Noun Descriptor (adjective)


3. Verb Descriptor (adverb)

4. Where

5. When

6. Why

Mrs Rothwell

Critical Thinking challenge

Well my little chickadees, it’s time to get your brain cells zooming inside your heads.

Have a look at the answer below and make a comment providing what you think the actual ‘question’ could be:

ANSWER: About 85 kgs

Good luck, Mrs R

Dot Point Practise

Hi Class

Your activity to practise this week is to answer the following question using dot points.

What do you most look forward to being able to do when you grow up and finish school?

Remember to have fun and let your imaginations go wild! 🙂