Excursion to the Labyrinth at Dark Park – June 17th, 2016

Our Friday, our class was very lucky to be invited to have a look at the Labyrinth at Dark Park as part of Hobart’s Dark Mofo.  We walked down from school, saw the amazing portrait being painted on the side of the maze (we couldn’t believe that the artist had done this in less than a day – WOW!)


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and we then explored the Labyrinth Maze in groups.


We had to find the letters M, A, Z, E


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and then find our way to the vault where the artist Mayonaize has been working on special artworks using his unique style of lettering.  A very BIG Thank you to Cam Crawford for organising this for us.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.



We all reflected on the excursion and wrote some thoughts:-

  • We went to Dark Park through the Labyrinth and we enjoyed it because it was very different from most of the excursions we have had.  What made it different was that when we were in the Labyrinth we had to find lots of things and not just look  (Penny, Rafi and Ruhani).
  • We liked the vault because the smole made you scarcely be able to see.  We also liked the mirrors in the tower.  We even liked the surveillance cameras in the vault and how they produced views of the vaults in the letter rooms (Vincent).
  • In the vault, smoke rushed against my skin.  It felt like a puff of air (James).
  • The vault was exciting and interesting because it was imaginative and there was great artwork (Amelia).
  • We liked the maze because of the street art and how you had to find the letters to spell the word MAZE (Jude and Nick).
  • In the maze we saw awesome artwork and there were smoke machines which were really cool (Oliver and Alex).
  • My favourite thing at Dark Park was the fog machine in the vault because they made it feel dark and frightening, even though it was light outside (Monique).
  • The smoke machines in the vault added a really good effect because it made people look like mere shadows (Liam).
  • The gloomy grey wall was suddenly exciting when we got to Dark park to see the deceiving and dark labyrinth (Rosie).
  • The Labyrinth was an enjoyable experience.  i really liked the layers that the artist painted and I also enjoyed finding the letters that spelt the word, MAZE.  The artist’s name is Mayonaize and earlier in the week, he wrote my nickname on the wall.  My nickname is Corgi.  Today when we went I couldn’t see my name because it was all covered up (Claudia).
  • We liked the tower because the tower was creepy.  It had a mirror on the top and on the bottom which made it look creepy (Abeeha and Felicity).
  • I enjoyed the mirror tower because it was not what I expected.  it looked like you could fall through (Diva).
  • I believe it was pretty cool when we emerged from the maze because it was so bright and open (Esther).

Remembering The Soldiers That Fought Before Us

On Monday the 25th of April some students from our class, Sophie, Rafi, Amelia, Hugo and Penelope marched in the ANZAC parade.


We marched from Franklin Square to the Cenotaph.  We carried the Royal Australian Navy  WW ll banner and Amelia held the school flag to represent our school. We needed to walk very sensibly to show respect for the soldiers that  fought  before us.
When we reached the Cenotaph,  planes

flew overhead to represent the Royal Australian Airforce.

Badgers are Amazing Things by Liam

Badgers have short legs but they can hurt you a bit.


They’re related to otters, wolverines, polecats and weasels.



There are honey badgers, Japanese badgers, European badgers, hog badgers and the American badger.



They eat snakes, rodents , birds, insects and eggs.



Chinese Luncheon

Today we had a special lunch to celebrate the end of our unit on China and the Chinese New Year.  We had fried rice,  white rice, dumplings, prawn crackers, special Chinese pancakes and watermelon.  We had been practising using chopsticks in class and we all had go at eating our lunch with them.  We all did a great job.

IMG_0393 IMG_0391 IMG_0395 IMG_0396 IMG_0403 IMG_0406 IMG_0401


A big thank you to Esther’s Dad for making the dumplings, Felicity’s Mum for  making the fried rice, Amelia’s Mum for cooking the rice and cooking the prawn crackers, Abeeha’s Mum for making a special sauce and rice, and Claudia’s grandparents for making the Chinese pancakes.  All you help is very much appreciated.  A special thank you to Mrs McKibben for organising the event.


Excursion to the TMAG to make audio guides

Today our class went to the Tasmanian Museum and Gallery to help the museum staff make audio guides for visitors to the museum.  We were interviewed about what we liked to see at the museum and important things you must see when you visit.  Our voices will now be turned into audio guides and people will be able to listen to us talk about the museum.  We spent most of our time in the Tasmanian animals, plants and rocks room, but we also went into the Thylacine room as well.  Most of the questions we were asked were about these rooms.


While people were being interviewed, the rest of our class explored the Tasmanian Animals, Plants and Rocks room.  Some of the things we learnt were:-

The Huon Pine in the gallery was 500 years old – Luca.


One of the biggest trees in Tasmania is taller than the Hobart casino – Diva.

I learnt that when people cut down trees on the inside there are rings and that tells you how old it is – Oliver.

At the museum I learnt  …. that trees grow wider every year and they grow rings like we grow taller and every year it grows a new ring.  The sliced tree in the museum has 500 rings so it is 500 years old – Gemma.

I saw a snow skink and it was lying on a rock because all lizards (reptiles) are cold blooded so they lie on rocks to  warm up – Jude.

The mountain shrimp has been around since the dinosaurs – Amelia.

I learnt that crayfish burrow under water – Liam.


The  grass in this picture is called button grass. I learnt about button grass – snakes like to live in it – Spike.

Animals which live in the mountains are called Alphine animals –  Vincenzo.

We saw some animals which were alive but have now been stuffed with sting and other materials, to preserve them – Abeeha.



I learnt that artefacts are treated very carefully to preserve them and they get things from other museums on loan – Hugo

At the museum I learnt that a kind of crayfish was the largest kind of freshwater invertebrate -Rosie

I saw a possum trying to steal a swift parrot’s spot in the tree.  The possum wanted the same spot as as the swift parrot – Sophie.IMG_0354

Thylacine Room 

IMG_0386 IMG_0384

I found interest in the Thylacine room because it had its own room because it became extinct – Alex.

I learnt that they could not breed the last thylacine because there was only one – Ruben.

I saw a Tassie Tiger, a Tassie tiger’s skull and skin.  The Tasmanian tiger is believed to be extinct but I don’t think it is the case, neither does Mrs Briggs.  Mrs Briggs thinks she heard one deep in the bush in south western Tasmania – Michael.

I learnt that every Thylacine has a different set of stripes like we have different fingerprints – Felicity.

I saw porcupine in the Thylacine room.  It was in there because it had been swapped for a  Thylacine body.  the Thylacine was sent to an Italian museum and the porcupine was sent to the TMAG – James.

What did you learn when you visited the TMAG or any other museum?

Home again!

I’m home! It’s been two weeks since I made a post. I went to a wave pool, Crocodylus Park, Leanyer Water Park, Berry Springs nature and wildlife parks and another park with a waterfall and rock pools. It’s nice being back. See you tomorrow!