Lockie’s ANZAC Day march


This is me marching in the Hobart ANZAC day march representing my school. I am remembering my great granfather Peter Begg. He was in WW2 in the navy.  The ship he was on was the corvette ship and he was Lieutenant Commander.  I think he was very brave serving in the navy earning the Pacific Star, 1939-1945 star, service medal and the war medal.  I wore them in the parade I was proud of Peter Begg. Lest We Forget.

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My great grandfather John was a surgeon in world war one. This could be a picture of him operating in the field ambulance station. We cannot be sure if it is him but we do know that the photo was turned into a post card and sent it home. This could mean that it could or couldn’t be him.

Do you know anything?

Bullet casing souvenir


During World War 1, my great-grandfather wandered across the battlefield. Suddenly, he saw something on the ground. He ran towards it. It was a German bullet casing that would probably have  been shot out of a cannon the Germans were using. He took it back to his camp, and kept it when the war ended. He eventually gave it to his son, who gave it to my dad when he was all grown up. In time, it will come to me. I guess I’ll have to wait.


The magic ball – can you finish this story?

Fractal 56 

I suddenly woke up on my bed to hear my 2 younger sisters Hailey and Amanda fighting. As I got out of bed to hear a sudden bang. I ran out of my bedroom to see what was going on. Hailey had broken a plate I told them to get it out of sight before Mum saw but Amanda had just started gluing it back together. It looked like a mess! I could hear Mum’s footsteps coming so we just had to throw it away and hope she doesn’t see it. We all sat down and turned on the tv just as Mum walked in. She told us to go outside to play instead of sitting inside watching tv. We all mumbled as we walked outside and got on the trampoline, then when I got on I saw a glowing light behind a bush that I had never seen before. We all ran over to see what it was. It was glowing ball but it had fire circling it. I carefully bent down and picked it up. The fire was almost cold, I told Hailey and Amanda it must be magical. I started to think about magical animals like unicorns as I opened my eyes I saw a unicorn standing in front of me. “It must be a magic ball” I screamed. I explained to them that whatever you think of while holding the ball becomes real!! We started creating all sorts of things from giant marshmallows to mini elephants to gold and jewels, we even made a ferris wheel. Oh no I thought as I remembered Mum she was going to see all this and get angry at us but just then the ball started shaking and pulsing…

Can you continue my story

Can you finish this story?

Tunnel 2 Terminal 1

“Danger,” boomed the voice over the loudspeaker. “Prepare for war.”

Laurana had been walking for so long that she had almost lost track of time completely. Days and nights had gone by, and still she was slowly making her way down the tunnel, like so many other people from her city, Cynthia. At first it had been exciting, escaping from a city under attack, going into hiding in the vast tunnels uner the ground. But now everything was going wrong. They hadn’t heard from the city for months, and had no idea what was going on up above.  Their food and water supplies were running out. And still they walked, on and on, travelling further away from their homes.
Laurana had almost given up hope of  seeing light again, but then she saw an opportunity. A small hole in the roof of the tunnel, only big enough for a child to squeeze through. She clambered up the rocky wall. They wouldn’t miss her. She knew that if anyone couldn’t keep up, then they were left behind. Everyone had to work for themselves, just to stay alive. Laurana pulled herself up through the gap. Sunshine, and fresh air! It was so bright that she could barely see – but where was she? She heaved herself up, looking around. A wide, grassy meadow stretched out in front of her. Trickling through the center was a stream, cool and inviting. She drank thirstily, pausing only to take a breath. She would be safe here.

Laurana stayed there for the next three days, foraging for food in the woods nearby, and sleeping in a crude hut that she had fashioned from bark and wood. She had taken to exploring the land around her, discovering more each day. She would wake up at dawn, to the calling of birds, and run up and down the steep hills surrounding the meadow until she was too tired to keep going. Everthing was perfect, everything except for one thing. Her parents. They had been fighting for her country for months, maybe even years now, and she didn’t know what had happened to them. Sometimes she would lie awake, thinking about them, wondering if they knew she was okay. She was becoming careless, her mind always on her past life. Often she would slip when climbing the cliffs that went up, vertical, from the ground, many times injuring herself, but nothing serious. However, one time she was not so lucky. She lost her grip, falling through the air, watching as the ground below came closer and closer….

Thump! She landed, not on the ground, but in the arms of a boy her own age. He told her his name was Rowan. She didn’t know him, but let him shelter round her campfire that night. He explained that his parents were fighting, attacking a city far away, but most people had escaped, somehow. Then Laurana realised. “The city they were attacking.  It wasn’t called Cynthia, was it?”


“Yes…. it was.”


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Anzac Day Brass Lion souvenir

This week in our class we were asked to research someone from the war. I decided to bring in this special lion and tell its story.

This brass lion was found by a World War 2 soldier in a post office in Darwin Northern Territory after the post office had been bombed. The soldier decided to give it to my great, great, Grandma who lived in SA because he thought she was pretty. Years later when my Mum was 3 and my great, great, Grandma had died, my Mum thought she would help clean out her great Grandmas house. My Mum spotted the brass lion and asked if she could keep it. Her Mum said no but her Auntie said it would be okay. My Mum used to carry it around everywhere and she would even sleep with it. Eventually her Grandma took it off her because she said it was supposed to be for her. When my Mum turned 20 her Grandma moved away and said my Mum could have the lion back.


There used to be pair of lions in the post office.

Does anybody know where the other one is?


Holiday time – Geocaching is a great fun!

It is great fun being on holidays. What exciting things are you getting up to?

Yesterday my family went Geocaching in the Margate and Sandfly area. It was great fun. We found 5 caches. One was very tricky! It was a microcache so it was very small and carefully hidden.

What is Geocaching?
Watch this youtube clip to find out

Have you ever been Geocaching?
If so, what and where was the best Geocache you found?