Remembering The Soldiers That Fought Before Us

On Monday the 25th of April some students from our class, Sophie, Rafi, Amelia, Hugo and Penelope marched in the ANZAC parade.


We marched from Franklin Square to the Cenotaph.  We carried the Royal Australian Navy  WW ll banner and Amelia held the school flag to represent our school. We needed to walk very sensibly to show respect for the soldiers that  fought  before us.
When we reached the Cenotaph,  planes

flew overhead to represent the Royal Australian Airforce.

Badgers are Amazing Things by Liam

Badgers have short legs but they can hurt you a bit.


They’re related to otters, wolverines, polecats and weasels.



There are honey badgers, Japanese badgers, European badgers, hog badgers and the American badger.



They eat snakes, rodents , birds, insects and eggs.