About Hobart

  1. The longitude and latitude of Hobart is 42.8806o S and 147.3250o E.
  2. It has an area of 1696 km2.
  3. Hobart has a population of approximately 216,656 people.
  4. Hobart holds a famous event market called Salamanca Market every Saturday.
  5. Hobart is the second oldest capital city after Sydney and was settled by white people in 1804.
  6. The Aboriginal people, who owned this land before the white people, were called the Muwinina people.
  7. The average temperature in Hobart is 21oC in summer and 12o C in winter and the average rain fall is 626 millimetres or 24 inches.
  8. Hobart is in the Australian state of Tasmania it is located close to the Derwent River
  9. Hobart sits below Mt Wellington a popular tourist attraction
  10. Suburbs surrounding Hobart include West Hobart, North Hobart, Moonah, Sandy Bay, South Hobart and Battery Point






3 thoughts on “About Hobart

  1. Hello I am a student from West Hobart Goulburn Street Primary School I like to play soccer, cricket, football. A short name for my school GSPS and my name is Lockie and Hobart is a good and cool place so come and have a look of Hobart. Because after all Hobart is a good place a good hotel would Wrest Point in Sandy Bay not far away and our national mountain is Mt Wellington a 25 minutes drive and lots of fun Salamanca is also a good place it has mostly a market every Sunday as normal they are loads of traffic a barrier between Kinston and the big bridge that’s where most traffic jams are because they is a lot of jobs in Hobart and mostly traffic jams are held in the morning and about 5:00 are very big traffic jams.

  2. Hi Year 3/4,
    Hobart truly is a beautiful city! I live in Sydney, but have been to Hobart as a young child. My scarce memories of it are all beautiful, I especially remember the Tasmanian Devils, such beautiful creatures! Well done for including such interesting information on your home. You have obviously worked hard in creating this page, so kudos to you!
    You can visit my blog here: https://wordingonawhim.wordpress.com
    Olivia, writing on a whim…

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