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We are an amazing, brilliant group of children who have different skills and values. We are enthusiastic, and fantastic at thinking of good, helpful ideas. We are jubilant and kind, and we like maths and numbers. Our class has twenty-nine people in it—we are the biggest class in the school! We try to work quietly, and we are good at reasoning. We are smart and we have two understanding teachers who we like very much. We wish we had x-ray vision—that would make us go “ Yay!” We are all aged from eight to ten and we are very zesty.


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wow Grade 3/4! I love your “about us”comments! I think you are a class of pretty amazing and brilliant children too and that you are very lucky to have the teachers that you do! I am lucky enough to have a class this year which is fantastically amazing as well! Isn’t it fun blogging? Have you checked out our class blog?

    • Blogging is fun and some of us have looked at your blog at home. It is amazing. We hope to have a class pet too by the end of the week. Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Have you got a tip for us to help us with our blog?

  2. Hello 3/4 Coe

    Your blog is amazing, brilliant and so on…
    That ABC description is very clever.
    I hope to see a lot more fantastic things on your blog.
    What gave you the idea to have a class blog?

  3. Hi 3/4 Coe,
    the adjectives that you have used are amazing!
    What sort of helpful ideas do you have?
    By the way, I like maths and numbers to!
    Our class blog, (Blogging with 1/2 M) and Penelope’s blog, (Plants with Penelope) have been nominated for the best blog award. Could you please vote for them?
    From Mira.

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