Our excursion to the museum

Our excursion to the museum

Today we went on an excursion to TMAG (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery). We learnt about Tasmanian history.

Things we learnt:-

  • In the 1800s lots of different currency was used and sometimes shops made their own money because there was not yet Australian money
  • Somebody called John Bowen was in charge of the first settlement of the English in Tasmania at Risdon Cove but he was not liked at all by the convicts
  • At Risdon cove there was not enough fresh water so Lt Collins moved then to Sullivans cove
  • When they first settled in Tasmania they used it as a punishment for convicts
  • At Sullivans Cove convicts had to live in tents and storage buildings like the bonds store

Things we did:-

  • We built Hobart town on a floor mat in bird’s eye view
  • We learnt about the native and introduced animals in Tasmania














Food Revolution Day

Today was Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day. Food Revolution Day is a day to encourage healthy cooking and eating in schools. Today schools around the world participated in making squash it sandwiches. We had lots of fun making them with our Prep Talbert buddies. The end result looked and tasted delicious. We were a little disappointed that the video didn’t work but we managed to do without it and we got to have fun anyway.

Did your class participate in the Food Revolution Day too?

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