Our day at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery learning about Tasmanian history

IMG_2282 IMG_2275-2lwvuht-150x150[1] IMG_2282 IMG_2278Today we learnt about the history of Hobart when the area around Hobart was settled by the British led by lt John Bowen.  Then a person called Governor Collins who was in charge of the settlement at Port Phillip (now called Melbourne) but the settlement at Port Phillip did not go well so the king of England told Collins to go and take over the settlement at Van Diemen’s land  (Tasmania).  He then came and took over from John Bowen.  Our guide called John showed us how some of the most important buildings in Hobart have been built over time by calling us up one at a time to place buildings on a map of Hobart town.  He then took us to the courtyard of TMAG to show us the convict brick wall.  All the bricks were made by convicts. He then showed us the Bond Store a warehouse from the convict era and we had a look around for  a while.

More blogs to come, telling more stories of Tasmania’s history.