October 22

Mapping By Ida

Our class is learning about mapping. This is my map. There are some things below that you can find by using the numbers:

The house,

the school,

the church,

the train,

the shop,

and the lake.

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October 22

Rosie’s Mapping Challenge

Which square is the lake on?

Which square is the shop on?

How many houses are there?

Which square is the factory on?

Which squares are the parks on?

The school is on which square?

Did you enjoy doing this challenge?

Read the questions and answer them in a comment. Have fun!

October 14

Sunset Gathering

Above: Sunset view from Mount Hotham, Victoria, from a photo by 
John O’Neil, public domain image, no copyright


Our Science unit for this term is “Night and Day”.

To begin our unit, I’d like you to watch sunsets (or sunrises if you are up early enough) from your home, take a photo and send it in. Ask relations/friends from other places around the world to do the same. It would be fabulous to get a collection – inspiration for writing, art and of course, our work in science.