Gymnastics( ;

I love gymnastics and I love the feeling that comes with it! You can just flip upside down like you have no

cares in the world! My favourite gymnastics trick at the moment is a one handed cartwheel. I am really

good at them.  My best friend and me like to play on the school oval and do gymnastics tricks so now you know a bit about me and gymnastics. Bye!!

Island life (Tasmania) By Ida

Life on our island is awesome.

In the Summer my family goes out on our boat, Little Red.

In the Autumn we go to the botanical gardens and throw the leaves about.

In the winter we go to Mount Field and build igloos, once I even slept in it!  .

In the Spring time go to the beach and have pizza a lot.

Watching the Sea - POTD #105 sdobie via Lake Sabrina Sunrise RStonejr via CompfightCompfight

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All about me (Coco)

Hi my name is Coco.

I enjoy gymnastics and hanging out with my BEST friend Greta. I go to Goulburn street primary school. I am very giggly when I am with my best friend Greta. My favourite subject is science. Today we made unicorn poop (slime) me and Greta’s was purple and green. At lunchtime and recess me and Greta like to jog around the oval. I like to act and film. I am a very good photographer.

I made a film Coco in Cambodia (type on Google Mystate student film festival 2017 if you want to watch it.) . I was recently at panama music festival I had lots of fun there.

I hope you like my post see you next time:) 

My Dream Pet!♥ 

Hi, Coco here!

Today I am going to talk about my dream pet! My dream pet is a beautiful Husky it is grey and white. I have begged my mum for one

but she said  not now ):


It’s official – our new pet for 2018 is a penguin!

In the tradition we began last year, I have named him Pinguino which is Italian for “penguin”.

Don't forget to feed him - he gets hungry!