Hello world!

Welcome to our brand new blog!

It has been a busy start to the year with a lot of assessing, fun and learning – not to mention an excursion already to the Molesworth Environment Centre! I have thoroughly enjoyed being reunited with children from my class last year and meeting those who are new to our class this year.

At times I will add a post just from me, but I hope to have the children involved either working collaboratively together, or in small groups, adding to our site very soon. All writing and comments will have to be approved by myself before they are included on the blog. Students will be encouraged to comment on other class/student blogs with teacher/parent supervision. The class will be taught cyber safety as well as how to write quality comments.

Enjoy browsing our blog!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Welcome to blogging!

    I am very new to the classroom blogging journey as well, working with many teachers to set up brand new classroom blogs to connect with the world (http://blogs.ionaps.com)

    Blogging can open up our classrooms to the world. Take little steps, and enjoy the journey!

  2. Well, the 1/2M blog is very informative and descriptive! It’s so enjoyable having a look around and seeing so much of what has been happening with your class. The new classroom looks great too.

    All the lovely photographs on the different pages add so much to your descriptions and information. Have you taken any of the photographs yourselves, or are there guidelines around equipment use that prevent that?

    Thank you to everyone working on the blog, and also to everyone who has helped set it up. It is looking great and is such a handy way for us to keep tabs on your class happenings.

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