Our Excursion to Molesworth Environment Centre

On February the 14 we set off for our very first excursion as a unit. (Miss Shepherd’s class came with us). We were met at the centre by Peter and he chattered to us about a lot of the pond creatures we might find that day. There was a lot of new learning for everyone – including for the adults! We then set off on a bush trek to the pond.


It got steeper than this …phew!

We were put into groups and given a bucket of pond water and a net and were sent off to see what we could find! Mrs Moore was most impressed that no one fell in!!!

13  12

After finding lots of little bugs and a tadpole or two, we set off back down the track. Unfortunately we ran out of time to do our next walk to a campsite to cook damper. However, …. made a fire at the centre and we cooked our damper there! Yum!!!

Before eating this however we set off for the bridge challenge – we had to cross a tyre bridge over a creek and then come back over a rope bridge! Pretty scary!


2 thoughts on “Our Excursion to Molesworth Environment Centre

  1. Wow!
    What a fantastic excursion grade 1/2 Moore.

    I remember taking students to Molesworth Centre and doing similar activities.

    What were some of the bugs you found in the water?

  2. Thank you Sue for writing our very first comment on our blog.

    In the pond we found the Great Diving Beetle, the Needle bug, the Backswimmer, a Water Tiger and some Boatmen. We also found some tadpoles and a froglet.

    What was your favourite thing to do at Molesworth? We had 2 favourite things – crossing the rope and tyre bridges and cooking the damper.

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