All About Penelope

Hi, my name is Penelope and I go to a school in Tasmania!

I live with my family.

I also have two older brothers, a mum and dad. I am eight years old.

We have a girl cat called Gretel and a boy cat called Hutchinson.

Do you have a cat or two?

6 thoughts on “All About Penelope

    • Well we bought Gretel from a cat breeder and Hutchie is Gretels son.
      Gretel had six kittens and we painted their claws different colours to tell them apart.
      We got to keep one kitten but we couldn’t decide what to call him and he had magenta on his claws so we named him Hutchinson Hadley. Gretel had a big sister called Pearl and we searched Gretels name up and Gretel seemed to mean little pearl and she does seem a lot like Pearl.

      Thanks for the comment and question!


  1. Hello Penelope,

    You did a fantastic post.
    I can’t have a cat because they make my parents sneeze.
    I love cats, they are one of my favorite animals.
    I like kittens the most. They are so cute.
    I like Gretel and Hutchinson alot. These names suit them.
    When were your cats born?

    • Hi Madeleine,
      Gretel was born on the 24 of July 2012, and Hutchie
      was born on the 18 of July 2013. You wouldn’t want Hutchie as a pet though;
      especially if you had another cat. If you gave each cat a bowl of food
      Hutchie would eat a small amount of his own, leave it, and push the other cat away and eat their’s. He also eats things that aren’t food like once he chewed up a meat kebab stick.
      Would you rather have a kitten or a cat?

  2. Hi Penelope,
    Thanks for replying.
    Well, I’d rather prefer a kitten than a cat.
    But kittens don’t stay kittens, don’t they?
    Why did Hutchie eat a kebab stick?

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