All about Vinnie

Hello my name is Vinnie.

I live with my Mum, Dad and younger twin brother and sister.

I go to a school in Hobart. I like playing sport.

Do you have a pet and what is it’s name?

10 thoughts on “All about Vinnie

    • G’day Miss W.,
      It’s really annoying having twins as siblings sometimes. Do you have a favourite food and what is it called?

  1. Hi Vincent,
    I didn’t know that you liked to play sport! What sport do you play? I certainly know that you have twins as siblings – they look a lot like you! I also know that you had a play date with Patrick this weekend; I hope you have a lot of fun! Two great imaginative brains together! Did you know that our school is about to get some littleBits? I think that you are going to LOVE these. Why don’t you Google “littleBits” and find out all about them?

    • Hi, Mrs Moore
      Last year in summer I played cricket, when I was in kindergarten I played tennis, once I played squash. I did not know that the school is going to get littleBits. Patrick and I had a LOT of fun at his house. I searched “littleBits’ on YouTube and I thought they were GREAT and I absolutely LOVED them. Do you have a favourite series of books and what is the series of books called?

  2. Hi Vincent
    I like your post.
    I don’t have a pet but I might get some gold fish soon.
    I like playing sport too my favourite sport is tennis.
    What is your favourite sport? and do have a pet?

  3. Hi, Madeleine
    Great first post! I haven’t got a pet either, but I’m trying to catch a bug (but not a dangerous one like a spider or a centipede though) for a pet. I have lots of favourite books and sports. Do you have a favourite food and what is it’s name?

    • Hi Madeleine,
      I do think bugs are a good pet and I recommend pet bugs to everyone.
      Do you have a favourite series of books and what is the name of the series of books called?

        • Hi Iggy – I am missing YOU! I do hope you get better soon – but in the meantime keep blogging! You could always go on with what you are writing about for your passion so that we can get it up on the blog! James has been complaining of a headache and a sore tummy all day today too!

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