All about William

I am William. I am 7 years old. I  go to a school in Hobart and I  have a brother called James. He is very annoying. I like to play pranks on my brother. I have a pet dog called Ziggi .

Do you have a pet and what is it’s name?

4 thoughts on “All about William

  1. Hi William, we have a dog called Bessie who you know but you might not know that she came from a dairy farm in Queensland and that she is 13. We think Ziggi is cute and very energetic. We know all about brothers playing pranks in our household! I hope you manage to play some tricks back!

  2. Hi William
    I like your post.
    I never knew you had a pet dog called Ziggy. I might be getting some pet fish soon.
    My favourite book is Camille and Madeleine.
    What is your favourite book?

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