About Esther

Hello my name is Esther.  😀

I am 8 years old.

I go to school in  Horbart and I love playing soccer.

I have a best friend called Claudia and I live with my Mum, dad, older brother Xavier and my younger brother Toby.

I have 6 pets. A dog called Sophie two fish one called Bubble jnr and one called Yalialoo and a three rabbits one called Kcocoa (That ones mine!) one called Adventures (That is Xavier’s.) and one more called rabbit boy (That is Toby’s.) They are all girls by the way.

I love animals.

My favourite books are Andy Grithfins books and I also like Magnus Maybye by Errol Broome.

What is your favourite book and who wrote it?





7 thoughts on “About Esther

  1. G’day Esther,
    What a collection of animals and what unusual names!

    My favourite books as a child was a series about a young boy who had lots of adventures with animals. One book was called “Whale adventure.” I can’t remember the author. You might be able to google it .

    • Hi Sue!

      Yes they do have queer names.
      I think the name of the author was Willard Price?
      BTW have you seen our visitors? They are going crazy!?
      Mrs. Moore thinks we are famous!
      See ya

      • Esther,
        Every time I see a great post written by a teacher or student, I send a message out in Twitter to the teachers who follow me there. I know you have got messages from Merry Beau in Ireland and maybe Mrs Watanabe in California.

  2. Hi Esther,

    I have three favourite books and the The Enchanted Woods, The Magic Faraway Tree and The Folk Of The Faraway Tree. They’re all in the same series too. I think you know they’re by Enid Blyton.

    What types of animals do you love?

    Penelope 😉

  3. Hi Esther
    I like your post. I think you know my favourite book is Camille and Madeleine.
    I never knew you had six pets. I don’t have any pets but I might get some fish soon.
    Do you know what fish make good pets?

    • Hello Madeline,

      No I do not know that book. What is it about?

      Lots of my pets have either died or we had to let them go.
      I do not know what makes a fish a good pet do you?

  4. Hi Esther
    Thank you for replying.
    Camille and Madeleine is about two perfect girls and their adventures, in Paris, France.
    I am thinking of getting a goldfish but not too sure when. We are still searching.
    Do you okay soccer for a club?

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