All about Iggy

Hi I’m Iggy I am 7  and a half years old.

I love animals. I know a lot about sea creatures. I used to have 3 pets. They were 3 cats; 1 calle-
-d MR. Smudge Chichi and Arnold. Chichi sadly died. :~(

I go to a school in Tasmania.

My absolute favourite food is olives.

My favorite animal is a seal.

My favorite thing to do is art.

I love school it’s awsome.

Do you have a favorite animal and what is it?



14 thoughts on “All about Iggy

  1. G’day Iggy,
    What are the sea creatures you know about? I have learned a lot about different whales because my great great grandfather was a sea captain on a whaling boat out of Hobart back in the 1880s.

    • Hi Miss White, wow your great great grandfather sounds really cool. My great grandfather was in the navy in World War II. I know about most fishes. Did you know the whale shark is a fish? Also, the blobfish eats above a undersea volcano.
      If you want to know more about sea creatures, go to this website

    • Quite a lot Dane. For example, shark babies eat each other until there is one left. Ask me a question and I will answer it.

  2. Hello Iggy,

    my favourite animal is either a humming bird or a horse. I just can’t decide.
    AWESOME post! 😉
    I remember when I used to love olives but I’m not to fond of them now.

    Why do you love seals so much and why do you like art?

    • Hi penelope I know how to decide. just decide if you like eggs or live babies. I like seals beacause the babies are SO CUTE. I like art beacause It’s so coulorful and my mum’s an art teacher.

  3. Hi Iggy,
    I have been through progress of pet death twice so I know what it feels like.

    It is hard to say what my favourite animal is but I think it is probably parrots

    what does make art great to you?

  4. Hi Iggy
    I like your post.
    My favourite animal is a snowy leopard.
    I don’t like olives they are a bit to salty.
    Why do you like olives so much? and why do you think school is awesome?

    • Hi Madeleine, thanks for commenting.
      Snowy leopards are cool aren’t they? Snowy leopards are one of my favourites too.
      I love olives because of the saltiness. I think school is awesome because learning is so much fun! Why are snowy leopards your favourite?

  5. Hi Iggy.
    I can understand you loving art, it is certainly in your blood! I also really love reading the things you write about. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself; you sometimes blow me away with the way you describe things.
    My favourite animal would be my little dog Doug! He is 15 years old now, so time is precious with him, but he still loves me to chase him all around the house when I get home after school each night. What is it about seals that you love so much? (I do think they are very cute looking by the way!)

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