All about Madeleine

Hi , my name is Madeleine.

My school is in Tasmania. I live with my mum and dad. I live a little far from my school.

I am 7 years old. I will be 8 soon. I have lots of friends at school.I love going to school.

I have a best friend called Mira.I have a class of 25.My teacher is called Mrs Moore.

We do spelling, math and writing.I like math the most.My favorate day of the year is christmas.

We did lots of stuff at school.My favorate thing to do at school is play outside with Mira.

I some times like to play on the monkey- bars.My favorate book is Camlie and Madeleine.

do you have a favorate book and what is its name ?



15 thoughts on “All about Madeleine

  1. G’day Madeleine,
    Wow, you have written a great first post. So much interesting information.

    I also love maths. Did your class do anything to celebrate Pi day on the 14th March?

  2. Dear Miss W,

    Thank you for telling me about Pi day. I looked it up on the web and found out that Pi=3.14159.

    Did you know that World Maths day with be twice this year?

    • No I didn’t know about World Maths Day being twice this year. What dates are they going to be because I often add these to the student blogging challenge.

  3. Dear Sue,

    Thank you for reminding me because I forgot the date. The world math days are on 4th March and the 14th October 2015.

    Do you know why they had Pi day on the 14th March in 2015?

    From Madeleine

  4. Hi Madeleine,
    They always hold Pi day on that date because in America they write the 14th March 2015 as 3/14/15 while we write it as 14/3/15

    So in America 3.1415 are the first 5 digits of Pi

  5. Hi Madeleine,

    My favourite book at the moment is “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr Seuss. Mum’s also been reading me some other great books by Dr Seuss, such as “Hop on Pop” and “The cat in the hat”. I also like Spot books and I love “The very hungry caterpillar”.
    My favourite sport is running.
    What is your favourite sport Madeleine?
    From your cousin

    • Hi Hisato
      Thank you for commenting on my post.
      My favorite sports are running, tennis, netball, basketball, hockey and going on my bike.
      Why do you like running so much?

      • Hi Madeleine,

        Thanks for replying!

        I love running because it is fun.

        I’m starting kindergarten soon and I can’t wait. I can meet new friends and learn new things. Also, this Friday I am going to look at my primary school for next year.
        What do you enjoy most about school?

        See you when you come to Melbourne.

        love from your cousin Hisato

  6. Hi Madeleine,

    I have lots of favourite books by my favourite would be the Nanny Piggins books.

    what do you want for christmas this year?

  7. Hi Claudia
    Thank you for commenting on my post.
    For Christmas I would like things for me and my family.
    What is your favorite holiday?

  8. Hi Mira
    Thank you for commenting on my post.
    I never knew you read Tuesdays at the castle.
    What is it about?

  9. Hi Madeleine,
    It is fun reading your blog. You and your school do some really interesting things. Today we visited the National Gallery and the Holden car design display.

    Tonight on the news on the ABC about the women convicts at Hobart with lots of ladies wearing white caps. What was all that about ?
    Love Unlce Kurt and Aunty julie

  10. Hi Hisato
    Thank you for replying.
    I’m having a good time at school.
    I hope you enjoy your kinder.
    what day will you start?

  11. Hi Kurt and Julie,
    Thank you for commenting on my post. I hope you are doing well in Melbourne.
    I have no idea why the convicts were wearing white caps but will try to find out.
    Do you know how many female convicts?
    Your niece xxxoooxxxooo

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