All about Mira

Hi, my name is Mira. My school is in Hobart. I live with my big sister and my parents.

I am six years old and I love climbing trees. Even though I love animals my parents still do not let me have a pet. Whenever I get a chance to swim, I take it. (Even if it is freezing cold!)

At school, I am in a class containing 25 people. My teacher is called Mrs Moore and she is very nice. I love school. I have a very close friend called Madeleine. My favourite thing to do is play restaurants with Madeleine. My favourite colour is green. When I grow up I want to be a world explorer.

Do you have a favourite colour? What is it?

11 thoughts on “All about Mira

  1. Mira when I was your age I loved climbing trees – as high as I could go! Playing secretaries was my favourite indoors game! It was great fun playing with my sisters, my cousins (who lived next door) or my friends; making appointments for the “doctors” surgery. I lived in a small town (Ulverstone – not quite so small any more), and we really didn’t ever eat out to know what a restaurant was! As a special treat we were sometimes allowed to get fish and chips on a Friday night. This was the only take-away food that we could get then. Can you imagine that?
    As a world explorer, where do you think you’d like to travel to first?

    • Hi Mrs Moore,

      Yes, I can imagine that!
      As a world explorer I would like to travel to Africa first because there is lots of wildlife there.

  2. Dear Mira,

    I love your blog writing, it is very good. Yes, I do have more than one favourite colour; they are blue and purple. I think you would be a great explorer.

    From Madeleine

  3. Hi Mira,
    I can imagine you exploring the wilds of the world and having exciting adventures. When I was your age, I used to want to be an explorer too! Now I am a university researcher so I got to explore ideas instead of countries, which to me is nearly as good. My favourite colour is red, and it used to be purple when I was in primary school.
    I would love to go to Africa, and I would love to see a hippopotamus, lions, and giraffes.

  4. G’day Mira,
    What a great first post! Such interesting information. When you play restaurants what do you do? Where do you want to explore when you grow up?

  5. I do have a favourite colour Mira. It is green and why don’t you check out Japan.
    Do you have a favourite food and what is it.

  6. Hi Mira.
    I am hoping that you have had a wonderful holiday – I certainly have!
    I was doing some planning yesterday for your reading group and I came across this article:
    Copy and paste this site into your internet browser and have a read. You may need a little help with reading this, but the interview with Biruté Mary Galdikas is very interesting. (I wonder how you pronounce her name? Mum or Dad might be able to help ME out with that one!) See if you can think of why this article reminded me of you!

  7. Hi Mira
    My favourite colour is purple, when I first watched TMNT I started liking purple because Donatello has a purple mask.but before that I liked pink.

  8. Hi Mira
    Lola here.
    I do have 2 favourite colours they are purple and green.
    If you want me to come with you that’s okay because I want to be a world explorer too.

    • Wow! Imagine Lola and Mira exploring the world together! What a magical team!
      Lola you have taken such an interest in our blog, would you like to become a contributor? This means that we would set you up with your own email and you would have the ability to write your own posts. These could be on anything you choose. Perhaps Mira could work with you and show you how it is done. Of course it would also mean that you get to make your own avatar too! What do you think?

  9. Hi Mira,
    I love your post!
    My name is Luka I live in Tasmania as well . I love lots of colours but my favourite would be yellow.
    I don’t think I would survive if I didn’t have a pet, I have a rabbit, cat, dog and a budgie.
    what is your favourite animal? Mine is a rabbit. 🙂

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