I am Nicholas

Hi my name is Nicholas and I am 8. I go to a school in Hobart. I have a younger brother and a older brother and both of them are very nice, well some times! I have a pet dog named Bes. I have three best friends Jace, James and Will. Who are your best friends?

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  1. G’day nicholas,
    An interesting first post. My best friend at school over 50 years ago was Charmaine and about 15 years ago I actually taught her son at one of the schools I taught at.

  2. Hi,Mira here.
    Love your information Nick. You probably know that I have an older sister called Nishka,
    but did you know that she is sometimes very annoying like your brothers?
    I don’t have any best friends, just lots of good friends!
    how is Bes enjoying her new home?

  3. Hi Nick,
    I just had a phone call tonight from a best friend I had at high school! Can you imagine how many years ago that was?! A blast from the past! Lovely to hear form her and maybe we will catch up soon. I can imagine brothers being annoying. I grew up with 2 sisters and lived next door to 3 cousins – all boys! We did a lot together though – climbing a large chestnut tree, jumping off the roof of the chook house and playing with their Meccano set. I was so jealous – I didn’t want dolls – I just want a Meccano set! Do you know what that is? And have you ever tried roasted chestnuts?

  4. Hi Nick,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. How old is your dog? Is she very old and can she do any tricks?
    From Belinda

  5. Hi Belinda Bessie is 13 years old[in dog years about 94]. She can fetch,sit,roll over and run as fast as me.do you have a pet and what is its name?

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