April 24

Our Athletics Carnival!

Our Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday March the eighteenth we had our athletics carnival.

Our athletics teams are Oak because of our massive oak tree. Phoenix because the school has burnt down twice and has “risen from the ashes”!


Firstly we had the 40m sprinting race.

After that we had the teddy bear race.

Thirdly we had the obstacle race.

Then we had the sibling’s race.

We also had a toddler’s race.


Phoenix won. There was a lot of cheering!


Here are some of our happy competitors!


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Photos by Roger (Lola’s dad).

Added by Claudia and Esther.

Written by Iggy and Nick.

April 24

Word Wall Words

Joshua in our class came up with the brilliant idea of adding our Word Wall Words to our blog to help with spelling when the children are writing comments or a post! Thanks Josh – an amazing idea! It is now a new page at the top.

April 12

NEW – Parent Page

Parents – please check out the new page I have added – another way of keeping up to date with what is happening in our room. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog – this will REALLY keep you up to speed.

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April 6

A Commenting Challenge!

Licorice Fill-In Expressions Enokson via Compfight

I would like you to visit our Student Blogging Challenge Widget on the sidebar and go to the “March 2015 Students” page at the top.

Find a student who has a similar passion/interest as you, and leave a 2 point comment for them to see. (Include a compliment on their blog, connect with something written, ask a question and self-edit your writing). If you copy and paste our blog site at the end of the comment, they might check out our blog too!

Another place to visit is Mrs Rombach Reads Blog (found on our sidebar). On her sidebar you will find the children she teaches and some interesting blogs.  Some of the writing I have read is amazing and definitely worth a look. Mrs Rombach must truly inspire her students! Just a reminder though, these children are in year 6.

Have fun blogging!Happy Face Enokson via Compfight

April 6

Assembly Presenters Extraordinaire!

Three children were chosen to be our assembly presenters for this term. One read the “Welcome to Our Country” and the other two were the hosts.  All 3 children did a remarkable job! (I was so proud that I didn’t focus my camera properly! Sorry!)


A proud Mum!


Presenting awards …


We were treated to a new song from our rock band. Mira’s sister was one of the singers as well as playing the guitar. Such talent!