Crystal Egg Experiment

crystal 1

I have added our crystal egg experiment to our science page in case you would like to make more at home – compliments of Joanne (Madeleine’s Mum)!

6 thoughts on “Crystal Egg Experiment

  1. Hi Claudia!
    Thank you so much for all of your comments – great to see you getting into blogging!
    Yes … I do have plans for a history page … and I have some VERY exciting news for you tomorrow! I think your father will be interested in this news too …. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Have I got you wondering?

  2. Hi.

    I liked the crystal egg experiment. My colour was green. I think what we should do on the wall in stead of insects is planes. Because I like planes. they are cool. They fly.

    • An excellent idea Josh! We will put it to the class. I think you plane will have “cama” colours on it – would I be right?

  3. Hi Mrs Moore
    I really enjoyed the crystal egg experiment with my mum.
    I really like science.
    Will there be another crazy science day?

    • Well I certainly hope so Madeleine! Where would we be without science? I really enjoy our science sessions with your mum too, she is an amazingly wonderful help! And isn’t it fantastic that we now have an Italian connection? I am about to add an Italian page to our blog. Senora Sorella is excited about being able to make her Italian lessons “more real” too!
      You are a wonderful “blogger” Madeleine! Your comments on other children’s blogs are perfect and they really enjoy seeing a new comment pop up on their posts. Thank you for your efforts.
      Why don’t you start a post about something that you are really interested in at home? I think it is best to do this in Word or Publisher until you have everything the way you like it – too many people (including me) have lost their post they were working on for one weird reason or another. Save it to a USB and bring it to school to work on there too. I’ll let you off spelling next week to do this – you are obviously getting a lot of spelling practice blogging!
      Have a great weekend – and keep blogging!

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