Our Athletics Carnival!

Our Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday March the eighteenth we had our athletics carnival.

Our athletics teams are Oak because of our massive oak tree. Phoenix because the school has burnt down twice and has “risen from the ashes”!


Firstly we had the 40m sprinting race.

After that we had the teddy bear race.

Thirdly we had the obstacle race.

Then we had the sibling’s race.

We also had a toddler’s race.


Phoenix won. There was a lot of cheering!


Here are some of our happy competitors!


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Photos by Roger (Lola’s dad).

Added by Claudia and Esther.

Written by Iggy and Nick.

3 thoughts on “Our Athletics Carnival!

    • Hi Miss W. Thanks about that post it does take time and effort to put a post together like that but was quite fun! Have you ever put a post together like that?

  1. Hey,
    It looks like you did very well running!
    What place did you come?
    And do you know how many people were at the running carnival.
    By Shayla from Mrs Hameed 5A

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