All about Lola

Hi I’m Lola.

I live with my mum, dad and sister. I go to a school in Hobart.

My best friends are Mira, Madeleine, Rosemary, Olive, Gemma, Iggy, Maude and Evie.  I like to play with lots of people.  I like to play Spies, Witches, Hot Chocolate, and Blokus.  I really like to climb poles and trees.

I am six years old.

When I am an adult I want to be a world explorer or an actress.

Do you have a favourite animal, and what is it?

12 thoughts on “All about Lola

  1. Hi Lola
    You have a great first post.
    I like climbing poles and trees, as well.
    I have six favourite animals, and they are snowy leopard,dolphins, fox, wolf, shark, and cheetah.
    What are your favourite animals? Why do you like climbing so much? What is blokus? And, what parts of the world do you want to explore?

    • Hi Madeleine.
      Well blokus is a board game. There can be four people playing it. There are all sorts of shapes made out of little squares. You can only make the shapes touch corners but not along the sides.
      What are your favourite games?

  2. Hi Lola, I think being an around the world explorer is a great idea. I’d love it if you came back and explored more of Brisbane and caught up with me and your cousins while you were doing it!

  3. Hi Lola,
    I used to climb trees every day!
    great post. Yes I do have a favourite animal and its a humming bird.
    Why do you want to be an actress?

  4. Hi Lola I’m Matthew. I love climbing trees. Yes I do have a favourite animal it is a dog. what is your favourite animal? Your blog is great!

  5. Hi Lola
    Thank you for replying.
    My favourite game is hide and seek.
    Who taught you how to play blokus?

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