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We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes at school. I am wondering … how many cuboids can you find in your kitchen?

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  1. Hello 1/2M! We are Grade 1/2 at Moonah Primary School. We have 42 students in our class and two teachers! Their names are Miss Atkins and Miss Warren. We have a blog too! We would love you to comment on some of our posts. This morning, we thought about your maths question. In our kitchens, we could think of lots of cuboids like the pantry, a cupboard, the fridge and cereal boxes.

  2. Hello Miss Moore,
    I have some cuboids in our kitchen.
    Our cupboard, chocolate box, butter, fridge, cheese block, pasta box and cereal.
    How many cuboids do you have in your kitchen?

    • I really like the sound of the chocolate box! I counted 44. Biscuit containers, my flour etc. containers are cuboid … the list goes on. Can anyone beat 44?

  3. Yes, I can beat 44, I have 122 cuboids. (Most of it is in the pantry)
    Some of the cuboids are cupboards, lunchboxes and containers, pasta boxes, biscuit boxes and lots of other things.

  4. Hi Mrs Moore,
    I can beat 44 too!
    I found 119 in my kitchen including some sponge packets
    for we keep some cleaning things in our kitchen too.

  5. Hi Mrs Moore. I have forty cuboids in my kitchen. Oh and Mrs Moore I have three houses so beware there is moor to come!!!

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