Hi I’m Madeleine and I’m really interested in space.

The solar system holds between 200-400 billon stars and 100 billon planets.

The planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth,  Mars,  Jupiter,  Saturn,  Uranus and  Neptune.

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.

Venus is the same size as Earth except the opposite way.

Earth is mostly covered in water, it’s like a flood.

Mars has ice on it and rocks that orbit it.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.

Saturn is most famous for its ring (it’s my favourite).

Uranus is the only planet ling on its side.

Neptune is very stormy and windy.

When you look at the moon and there are no clouds covering it you could go blind. Black holes come from stars that burst.

Consolations are a lot of stars that make a shape.

Thank you for reading and enjoy this YouTube film!



10 thoughts on “Space

  1. Hi Madeleine,

    I enjoyed your post. I thought it was well written and that you communicated your interest in Outer Space and the planets to your readers.

    My students always love learning about Space. The experts tell us that Pluto is a dwarf planet
    but we are fond of it and would like it reinstated as a planet.

    What do you think?

    With every good wish

    Merry Beau

  2. Hello Merry Beau
    Thank you for commenting on post.
    I do think Pluto should reinstate as a planet.
    Do you know why Pluto isn’t a planet?

  3. Hi Madeleine,

    Thank you for your post I found it fascinating! It also reminded me that I wanted to build a mini solar system at home with Alexander, have you built one before?

    Georgia (Alexander’s Mum)

    • Hi Georgia,
      Thank you for commenting on my post.
      I have never built a mini solar system before.
      When will Alexander and you do it?

      • Good question Madeleine! It might be a long process but I would like to begin soon, we just need to get some materials for the project. I think a good place to start looking for the right materials might be the tip shop, what do you think?


        • Hi Georgia,
          I don’t know I’ve never been to the tip shop.
          I never knew there was such thing.
          How do you know about it?

  4. Hi Madeleine,

    Thank you for your reply.

    At school many years ago I was thought that there were nine planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,

    From the time I started to teach (many years ago) until approximately ten years ago this is what I taught my students too.

    For a long time, Pluto was thought to be larger than Mercury but after the discovery of Charon (Pluto’s largest moon) in 1978 the experts changed their minds.

    By studying Charon, astronomers could work out the mass of Pluto. They found it to be much smaller than Mercury and even our own moon.

    From 2005 experts worked on the official definition of a planet. Pluto was too small and failed the Planet Test. It was demoted to the status of a dwarf planet.

    We say ‘Bring Back Pluto’ 😉

    With every good wish

    Merry Beau

    • Thank you Merry Beau for all of your encouraging comments for my students. We were VERY excited when your first comment came to us all the way from Ireland and we have really enjoyed reading your comments since! We have 2 students in our class who have Mums who used to live in Ireland, and Joshua and his Mum went over there for a visit last year. So we feel quite connected to Ireland!
      Do you have a blog that we could have a look at?
      Mrs Moore.

  5. Dear Mrs. Moore,

    Thank you for your message. It is exciting to get comments from near or far. We love that we are writing for a real audience. For that reason we try our very best to spell well and to make sense. We feel we are ambassadors for our school and even our country.

    Our blog is called ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’.
    Here is a link to a post on Ireland that you might find interesting.

    If you click on the links ‘Student Favourites’ on the menu at the top of the page you will see all the educational games and activities that we love to play online.

    With every good wish
    Merry’s Class

  6. Hi Madeleine,
    I think Pluto used to be a planet and they now consider it not a planet. Isn’t the reason because Pluto is to small? I never want to be an astronaut. What do you want to be when you grow up?

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