Hamlet (Claudia’s passion)


Hello. My name is Claudia and my passion is Hamlet. If you don’t know what Hamlet is you have come to the right person.

Hamlet is a play written by William Shakespeare in 1599.

One reason I like it is because it has the saying in it “To be or not to be, that is the question.”

Another reason is because I like plays.

The play is about a ghost who visits Hamlet telling him that Hamlets uncle killed Hamlets father. The ghost then says your uncle killed your father so he could be king and so he could marry Hamlets mother. The ghost then encourages Hamlet to kill his uncle.

Shakespeare was born on the 26 April 1564

And died on the 23 April 1616

Hamlet was first performed in 1601.


3 thoughts on “Hamlet (Claudia’s passion)

  1. Interesting post, Claudia. I think Hamlet is saying in this speech how afraid he is. He doesn’t know how to find the braveness to do what he thinks is right.

    Can you find out what Hamlet does in the end to find out the truth?

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