9 thoughts on “Our Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day

  1. Hi Miss Moore,
    I think it was a good idea adding the photos.
    I really enjoyed making the food.
    Can we have more cooking days?

  2. Hi Miss Moore.
    Thanks for replying.
    I think it is a good idea.
    How soon do you think we should do it?
    What type of food do you think we should do?
    I think we should do pasta.What do you think?

    • Pasta making is a lot of fun and I have already had Esther’s Mum say that she has a pasta making machine, so does my sister, so that is looking good. Do you have a pasta making machine too? We could have different types of pasta happening.

  3. Hi Miss Moore,
    My mum does have a pasta machine.
    That is how I make my pasta at home.
    I’m really exited about doing it.
    I like making pasta with my mum.
    I mostly roll it out.
    My dad sometime helps as well.
    How many time’s have you made pasta?

    • I haven’t ever made pasta! My sister makes it sometimes though and home made pasta is certainly the best!
      Do you think I should try?

  4. Hi Miss Moore,
    I think you should try making pasta.
    I find it really easy to make.
    To make my pasta my mum follows a recipe.
    Eggs, flour and oil are used to make the pasta dough.
    How does your sister make it?

  5. Hi Mrs Moore,
    I was just going to say that I really enjoyed Food Revolution Day. Whichever class you have next you should do it with so not only us can have healthy and delicious food, but for different classes as well! Did you like the sandwiches? I liked them but a few of people didn’t.

    • Penelope … you don’t really need to write a story if you don’t want to … your comments are like a story! Thank you for encouraging so many children to write on our blog! You write such positive comments using wonderful vocabulary! I look forward to reading them every day! 🙂

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