The Worry Monster Trailer

This trailer was created here at school by some of our Warriors with the help of Sophy (Claudia’s Mum). We know that the Worry Monster we are learning about doesn’t look as scary as this – thank goodness!

6 thoughts on “The Worry Monster Trailer

  1. Wow 1/2 Moore that was amazing!
    I will show my class tomorrow. I am sure they will be very impressed.
    Can you tell me a little bit more about what you have been learning about in relation to worrying? Sometimes I need some help not to worry too much.

  2. Fantastic trailer!
    I have never made any videos like that despite blogging for 8 years. It would be fantastic to have a post explaining step by step how you put the trailer together. Here is a link to a friend of mine in USA. She is a teacher librarian who does loads of book trailers See the trailers above the header of her blog.

    • Hi Ryk,

      It was me who did the flashing lights.

      Claudia was the clown guy, I was in the little red riding hood cape, Nicholas was Mr.Crazy Costume (I think you should know which one’s him) Vinnie was the Worry Monster. Penny was the person who stopped us from running away from the Worry Monster. Last of all was Iggy who wore the chinese thing.

      Do you have a Worry?

  3. Your trailer has me hooked! Great effects and drama!
    Worries can creep into our minds at different times and I am definitely keen to find out more about the worry monster – how to manage him/her/it!!!

  4. I found it quite fun making this. We had to dress up in all kinds of different things, and one of
    us even wore a tiny tutu around their neck as a frilly collar!

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