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Hi everyone! I am just letting you know that we are now adding pages for the children to blog into directly. Penny has a page titled “Penelope’s Poems” – it is definitely worth a read! Mira is about to add a similar page with her poetry (oh so wonderful), and Claudia and Esther are working on a page to showcase the wonderfully creative songs they are always writing together. So much talent in this class! Keep posted … there will be more to come!

6 thoughts on “New Pages

  1. Hello 1-2 Moore, I am Ruby and I am from 3-4 Bayside Learners.
    It is very exciting that you are now adding new pages! All of you can have some fun contributing to your terrific class blog. I am looking forward to seeing some of the wonderful things you do in your class. i would love to know who was/is first to put on the very special post all by them self! Happy blogging to you all,
    P.S- I am Mrs E’s daughter.

    • Hi Ruby.
      What a wonderful comment – most certainly worth 2 points!
      Thank you for checking out our blog, it reminded me to have another look at yours! Isn’t it wonderful being able to share our thoughts with anyone out there in the whole wide world? I know it is making a difference to the spelling and punctuation of our writing in our class too!
      Penelope was our first blogger I think.
      I really do love your avatar. What site did you use for that? I would love to change mine to something like that too if it is o.k. with you?

      • Hello Mrs Moore and your lovely 1-2 class.
        This is Ruby here and I just want to tell you that you are most welcome to have an avatar like ours. I really might be using Mrs E’s; just maybe!!! He-he-he-he-he!! 😉 🙂 (I don’t have my own avatar because I don’t have my own blog.) I will ask Mrs E to give you further details later.
        From Ruby.

        • Thank you Ruby – it is always a delight to hear from you!
          Did you know that you don’t have to have your own blog to have an avatar, but you do need to be a “contributor”? I have about half of my grade 1/2’s listed as contributors, which means they can write their own posts, and yes, get an avatar. Any thing they write needs to be approved by me before they are added to our blog.I make the decision on who becomes a contributor mostly based on their comments and computer skills. They need to show me that they have a keen interest for our blog by posting 2 point comments (see our Guidelines page), and of course their computer skills need to be quite good. I am guessing your skills are very good and you certainly write excellent comments!

  2. Hi Miss Moore,
    I think it is great having kids from our class do pages on the blog.
    I really like doing things on the blog.
    Thanks for letting me do a page on the blog.
    How many people will be adding pages?

    • I am not sure Madeleine. It will really depend on how many children get hooked into writing! If they wish to publish their work – why not to the whole world!?
      Have you noticed the new page I have just added call Publishing Ideas Using Technology. I have popped in a YouTube video explaining how to use Canva. Why don’t you do a poster about one of your favourite places to visit and we can then upload it to your Travel Page?

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