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Hi, I’m Vincent

And I’m really fascinated in vehicles.

I know many types of vehicles (especially cars and planes) but no where near the quantity of vehicles in the world I think.

Below I have listed some brands of cars. The old land speed record was set by a car with a jet engine and the speed it went at was 633mph! But the fastest car on earth (I think) which is thrust SSC can travel at 1228kph! But the slowest car on earth (it was made in the nineteenth century) travels at 7kph! Some planes are very fast like Concorde. Concorde is the second fastest passenger plane and it can travel at 2,333(Mach 2) kph! But the fastest passenger plane on earth is the Tupolev tu-114 and it can travel at 2,449 kph!

Brands of cars:

Ferrari, Saab, BMW, Hyundai, McLaren, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Dodge, Ford, Holden, Honda, Bugatti, Gumpert, SSC, Renault, Mercedes, Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche, Toyota, Skoda, Peugeot, Nissan, Pagani, Chevrolet, Ariel, Ultima, Spyker, Koenigsegg, Rossion ,  Tramontana, Mitsubishi and Mazda, VW, Lexus, Citroën, Subaru and Suzuki.

Here’s a video about planes.

Hope you like it!

15 thoughts on “Vincent’s Vehicles

  1. G’day Vincent,
    WOW, you certainly know your cars. There are some brands there that I have never heard of. Which countries make Ariel, Ultima, Spyker, Koenigsegg, Rossion and Tramontana?

    • Hi Miss W.,
      England makes Ariel, Ultima and Rossion. Spain makes Tramontana. The USA makes Spyker and Koenigsegg. Do you have a favourite brand of car or type of plane?

  2. Hi Vinnie,
    My first car was a small VW Beetle, then a Mazda, then a Toyota and now I have a Ford. I really enjoyed the VW because you could manoeuvre into small parking spaces. I used to drive manual cars, but I have been travelling overseas and hiring cars, so my most recent purchase of a Ford was automatic.

  3. Hi Vincent. I like planes as well. I like the one where it’s landing near a beach with all those people there. And I was wondering how many pets you have and what are their names? From Evie.

    • Hi Evie,
      Well I have no pets.
      Where is your favourite place in the whole of Australia and Tasmania and what is that place in Tasmania or Australia?

    • Hi Maude,
      They’re all so good I don’t know what to choose.
      Do you have a preferred passenger plane to travel on?

    • Hi Maude,
      They’re all so good I don’t know what to choose.
      Do you have a preferred passenger plane to travel on and what is that type of passenger plane called?

  4. Hello Vinnie

    I’m amazed at the speeds of some of the many cars you’ve listed (glad btw to see that the Saab got a mention which was my favourite car – unfortunately no longer made). I enjoyed your plane video too. Well done.

    Sending best wishes from grandma in England

    • Hi William,
      Well I haven’t really worked on boats so I don’t know.
      Do you have a favourite brand of car and what is that brand of car called ?

    • Hi William,
      When I was little I thought the Airbus Beluga was awesome and I am still interested in the Airbus Beluga.
      Well I haven’t been working on boats much so I don’t have a favourite type of boat.
      Do you have a favourite type of train and what is that type of train called?

  5. Hi Vincent I like the beluga plane because you know I absolutely love sea creatures. Oh and Vincent my mum said I could have a sleepover. Best regards Iggy.

  6. Hi Vincent,
    I was never really interested in vehicles except I still enjoyed the video of the top 10 largest planes. My favourite type of transportation would have to be a tram. I think I can tell which type of transportation is your favourite because sometimes you talk about planes in class. Is it true though? I remember from last years whale work that a beluga was a type of white and lump headed whale. No wonder that the plane is named after it. My favourite plane in the video was the Boeing 777. My big brother says that most plane food is terrible, like once one of his potatoes was rather unripe. Have you tried plane food?

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