Ciao , mi chiamo Iggy

Ho Sette anni. Ho gli occhi Castani. Ho I capelli Castani. Il mio colore preferito e´ Blu.

Il mio animale preferito e´ la Foca. Il mio sport preferito e´ il nuoto. 

11 thoughts on “Ciao , mi chiamo Iggy

    • Hi Miss W. The colour is correct, But the animal isn’t right it’s a seal, the sport was swimming. What is your favourite colour animal and sport? Oh by the way if you look at the sidebar it has a website translator you could of translated it.

  1. G’day Iggy,
    Thanks for replying with the correct answers. I don’t think the translator will work as it will translate the whole blog into another language. As your blog is in English it will translate into other languages I might choose.

    I would have to use this site and paste in your Italian sentences to get them translated into English.

    • Hi Miss W. I knew the translator would translate all of the blog, but you could translate it, and just go back on the thing your on and look at the words you were translating.

  2. Hi Iggy,
    Here is the answer to your questions. I used the translate site in my last comment.

    Il mio animale preferito è una megattera. Il mio colore preferito è il viola. Il mio sport preferito è guardare il ciclismo come il Tour de France.

    • Hi William my favorite colour was blue my favorite animal was seal and my favorite sport was swimming. I can skip about 3 bars if not 3 2. Best regards Iggy.

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