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From Paolo in Italy:

P1030036-2 (2) Béatrice BDM via Compfight             About Venetian Carnival…Its origins are ancient: the first evidence dates back to a document of Doge Vitale Falier of 1094, which speaks of public entertainment and in which the word Carnival was mentioned for the first volta. Il first official document declaring the Carnival of Venice a public celebration is an edict of 1296, when the Senate declared public holiday the day before Lent.

In this age, and for many centuries that followed, Carnival lasted six weeks, from December 26th to Ash Wednesday, although the festivities were sometimes made to begin already in the first days of October.
Citizens wear masks and costumes, you can totally conceal his identity and thus clears all forms of personal belonging to social class, sex, religion. Everyone can determine attitudes and behaviors based on new costumes and the changing appearance. For this reason, the greeting that sounded constantly in the act of crossing a new “character” was simply Hello Mrs. maschera. Uno disguises the most common in the ancient Carnival, especially since the eighteenth century, remained in vogue and also worn in the Carnival modern, is definitely the Bauta. This figure, in typical Venetian and worn by both men and women, is made of a special white mask called larva under a black tricorn hat and completed by a enveloping cloak called dark cloak. The Bauta was used extensively during the time of Carnival, but also in the theater, in other parties, in amorous encounters and whenever you wanted the freedom to woo or be wooed, mutually guaranteeing total anonymity. To this end, the particular shape of the mask on the face ensured the opportunity to drink and eat without having to take off.

My Cranhipkey!


The Cranhipkey!

(Click on the name above to see my poem).   

Well here is my weird and wonderful creature from Switch Zoo. I created my “animal”, and then used the “Snipping Tool” on my computer to take a clip of it. (Search for it on your computer). I saved this to the desktop, and wrote my diamante poem (on the Publishing Using Technology page). I needed to save this as a PDF (it does it for you, just follow the steps in “save”). Then upload both by clicking on the “Add Media” button when in “Posts”.

Why not have a go yourself? I bet you could do a funnier animal with a more interesting poem!

The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is on!

Thank you Claudia! Our first Diamante Poem. Was it for a Switch Zoo creature, or was it just for the joy of writing poems?

awesome by claudia (Click to enlarge).

Iggy espanol

Hola mundo. Dende algunos de nuestro clase tener hecho alguno italiano trabajo sobre nuestro clase blog yo decidido a hacer algunos español poemas esperanza usted disfruta ella.

Ciao, mi chiamo Lola

Ho sei anni. Ho gli occhi bluHo I capell biondi. Il mio colore preferito e’ neri. Il mio animale preferito e’ il pinguino. Il mio sport preferito e’ il nuoto.

Writing Ideas

I have made a new page called “Writing Ideas”. I have put the 2 sites in the posts below onto this page with some writing suggestions. Why not try them?

I have also updated the page “Publishing Ideas Using Technology”. You may like to try some of these ideas. 🙂

A Different Avatar …

Build Your Wild Self … and then make it your avatar (for those children who are still waiting to do this).

Once you have decided on your new wild self, I will help you it into an avatar for you.

BUILD YOUR WILD SELF   build your wild self boy