Plants By Penelope

Hi, I’m Penelope,

and I’m really interested in plants.

I know lots of different types of plants but nowhere near as many as there are on earth I think.

Trees are very important to us for they provide food and oxygen. If we didn’t have trees we probably wouldn’t exist.

Did you know that sunflowers are one of the fastest growing flowers? The biggest sunflower was grown in Germany and reached an amazing 8m while normal sunflowers usually grow to about 3m. Sunflowers are known as fake flowers; each petal is made up of hundreds and hundreds of tiny little flowers.

Some herbs like oregano and rosemary can be added to meals like dinner.

Plants also provide food for pests like slugs and snails. Snails and slugs like eating through cabbage and things like that.

If anyone thinks they know the difference between a fruit and vegetable please say what you think.

Below I have written as many flower names that I can think of but there aren’t just flowers in the plant family.



Lavender, daisy, rose, sunflower, geranium, gerbera, azalea, harebell, cornflower, iris, apple-blossom, lilac, poppy, petunia, dandelion, lotus, tulip, chicory, honeysuckle, forget-me-not, orchid, butter-cup, carnation, hydrangea, waterlily, white-bell and blue-bell.


 (Here is a video of flowers blooming.

Hope you enjoy!

How many plants do you know?

Please do trees, herbs, fruit, bushes, vines or vegetables; not flowers).

4 thoughts on “Plants By Penelope

  1. Hi Penelope, Ruby here.
    When I was about your age I was very interested in flowers too! 🙂 You have done a bit more research than me though! You have done a lot of hard work to get all this information, surely! 😉 What I did is, I made a list of flowers in our front and back garden. I also found the meaning of a rose, but I can’t remember it now! 😉
    Bye for now, Ruby.
    3/4 Bayside Learners.

  2. Hi Penelope,
    I thought the video of flowers blooming was amazing.
    I didn’t know most of that information and I thought the information was awesome!!!
    Do you have a favourite type of plant and what is the plant’s name?

  3. Hi Vinnie,
    I simply just can’t decide which plant is my favourite because it changes each year. For example, in 2014 my favourite plant was an iris and in 2013 my favourite plant was a orange tree. 2015 favourite plant is rosemary, so there is your answer. Do you like planting plants?

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