11 thoughts on “The Three Clever Pigs by Penelope

  1. Your rendition of The Three Little Pigs’ was very entertaining and included some lovely details. I very much enjoyed Petunia Pig having so much building expertise – and that she saved the day.
    Jo – Penny’s Mum

    • I love that reply Patrick! And so nice to see you blogging! I hope you leave more comments soon! And by the way … I was incredibly impressed with your art work today! Thank you for putting more effort back into your class work again – I soooo love it!

  2. Hi Penelope,
    I like your Three Clever Pigs.
    You drew the pictures really well.
    Your words were outstanding!
    Are you going to do another one?
    PS Great job!

    • Hi Madeleine,
      I’m working on one thats hopefully going to go on the blog. I still remember the first time I read The Three Little Pigs. Are you going to write a book?

      • Hi Penelope,
        Yes I’m writing a book about the slime dripping Venus fly trap it might be on the blog but I have not finished it yet.On Madeleine’s Travel Diaries I’ve replied to your comment but you can only see it when I’m logged in.
        I don’t think Miss Moore has seen it.
        Is the little pigs your favourite fairytale?

        • No Madeleine.
          Its from a story recount that took me two whole terms to finish! Mrs Moore thought it was to good to stay of the blog and then I started writing poems and that even got me a page on the blog. Whats your favourite story?

          • Hi Penelope,
            My favourite story is the mystery of the invisible thief. By Enid Blighton.
            He has wrote quite a few books.
            Have you read books that he wrote?

          • I LOVED Enid Blyton books, especially the Secret Seven series. SHE (Enid is a very old fashioned girls name) was a favourite author of mine when I was in grade 6! I have actually never heard of the Invisible Thief. Do you think I should read it?

  3. Hi Penelope, it’s me!!!
    (‘Me’ is Ruby from 3/4 Bayside Learners.) 😉
    You are a very good story writer and a wonderful artist, too.
    You should write more fractured fairytales as you are so good at them! (If you do, I request that you share them with me, probably through the blog)
    Adding all those adjectives to your writing made it very interesting.
    Bye for now, and all the best for your next story, if there is one.
    3/4 Bayside Learners

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